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11 Mar 14 - 21:00

Ancient greece Ancient greece King midas was a very affluent king.Get together gold was his hobby, his joy and his awesome life.One day as he sat checking his wealth he saw an old man asleep under a tree.He saw that it was silenus from legal court of dionysus, god of wine beverage.Midas was cunning and treated silenus like a king for ten days before you take him back to dionysus.Dionysus was grateful for the concern lavished on his old servant and told king midas that he would grant any wish that he made.Midas asked that anything he touched would be looked to gold.Dionysus of course his wish but warned him about his greed.Midas was happy.He touched a tree and it started gold.He touched the walls of his palace and it turned into gold.He carressed his horse, following that his servant, his food and ultimately his children.Each turned to gold. Midas began to feel totally unhappy.He wasn't able to eat, uninterrupted deep relax, drink or touch anything because whatever turned to gold.He missed deals on pandora charms his students dreadfully. Finally midas went back to find dionysus and told him that he wanted to lose his golden touch.Dionysus laughed when he saw the advance in the king.Eventually he in order to take pity on him and told him to go and bath in the river pactolus.King midas walked along to the river.He was afraid compete in the water in case it turned to gold and killed him.He got a jug and washed on his own down.Slowly and gradually the gold washed away.King midas was so absolved.He took jug after jug of water back to his palace to wash his small, an individual's ccfcm servants, his horse and everyone in your palace.He did not stop work until he had restored nearly anything to its normal state.

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