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11 Mar 14 - 21:12

From traditional wedding vows to funny wedding vows If you have a favorite movie or tv show, there is no reason you cannot borrow from the vows you heard.Some of the most popular wedding vows stolen from the media are lines from monica and chandler's wedding on the hit tv show friends.Through sickness and in health, clear skies and squalls".There are plenty of tv and movie weddings every year, and they can be great wedding vow examples for you to take ideas and be inspired by.Remember steel magnolias?What about the wedding of luke and laura on general hospital?These are all good examples for you to start with. If you are considering adding funny wedding vows to your ceremony, keep in mind that not everyone has the same sense of humor.You should try to appeal to everyone in attendance.Adding (free next day in-store delivery.) a little personalization with traditional vows is a great choice, especially if you are using a little dr.Seuss magic.Rhyming your verses is also fun and catches the attention of your audience.You can also spice up traditional vows by substituting words.If your partner is a big sports fan, sneak in a reference to his favorite team.If you both share an interest, a fun reference to that would also be cute.

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